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Heat therapy in pharmacy quality

Eases pain with natural deep heat

  • Can be reused many times

  • Easy to heat in microwave, hot water or oven

Neck cushion

  • Relief for (chronic) neck pain
  • Washable protective cover

Bronchial cushion

  • Relief for bronchial problems and colds
  • Includes 10 bronchial tissues

Universal cushion

  • Relief for back pain, stomach pain, tenseness and inflammation
  • Washable protective cover

Bowel cushion

  • Relief for stomach and intestinal pain, also for irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)
  • Effect clinically proven for IBS
  • Includes 10 tissues as caraway cloths


  • Relief for small aches and pains, soothing heat
  • Stores intensive heat and flexibly adapts to the body
  • Cosy soft, skin-friendly cover
  • Can also be used as a comfort blanket without the moor cushion
  • Ideal for babies and small children