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Individual solutions for your application

Whether cleaning glass surfaces, stainless steel or for mobile use during cable installation. Versatile and individual – conveniently packaged cleaning products from beinio®.

Cleansing tissues

Small wet tissues

(60 x 80 mm Sachet format)

Sachet material: paper/aluminium/PE (white)

Tissue format: 140 x 200 mm
(Spectacle cleaning + soft airlaid 140 x 145 mm)

Tissue material: wet crepe, soft air laid

Large wet tissues

(70 x 140 mm Sachet format)

Sachet material: PET/aluminium/PE (white or silver)

Tissue format: 195 x 200 mm

Tissue material: soft airlaid


Fill level: 25 – 1,000 ml

Material: PET, HD/LDPE

Liquids for tissues and bottles

70 % IPA Isopropyl-Alkohol (Universal/Glas),  Display-Reinigung (ohne Alkohol),  Universal (Glas/Kunststoff mit Tensid und Alkohol), Edelstahlpflege

Minimum quantity:


  • 20,000 units (1- bis 4-farbig, max. 28er Raster)
  • 40,000 units (1- bis 7-farbig, max. 48er Raster)


  • 5,000 units

Optional: microfibre, fleece, special liquids, refill, folding box and much more.