An overview of our packaging types

Sachets/product samples

Filling quantities: 2 ml – 30 ml­
Format: ­ 60×80 – 80×170 mm­
MOQ: from 20.000 pcs up



Filling quantities: ­ 5 ml – 300 ml
Format: ­ 19×60 – 50×200 mm

MOQ: from 10.000 pcs up


Filling quantities: ­ 10 ml – 500 ml
model: individual

MOQ: from 10.000 pcs up


Filling quantities: 10 ml – 1.000 ml
model: individual

MOQ: from 10.000 pcs up

Your cosmetics - Our expertise

Individual cosmetics – that is the strength of bb med. The so-called “private label” production starts with expert advice, development and finally ends with the marketing of a successful cosmetic product. In addition to the development of a new formulation, we also offer a variety of tested standard formulations.

Standard formulations (short extract):

Hands: panthenol hand cream, marigold hand cream, anti-bacterial hand sanitiser gel

Feet & Legs: foot cream with 10 % urea, ice gel, gel against tired legs

Face:  day cream, night cream, facial mask

Body: shower gel men, women, unisex, body lotion

Specialities: substantial medical devices

Our special strength: Individual customer requests and current market trends

We offer:

  • Recipe development
  • Conventional cosmetics
  • Natural cosmetics conform to COSMOS
  • Medical devices
  • Efficacy testing of preservation
  • Stability test
  • Patch test Dermatest/DermaConsult
  • Transfer of ownership
  • CPNP registration company/manufacturer
  • CPNP article notification
  • Safety data sheet
  • Safety assessment


We provide all services directly – qualified, fair and without a lot of red tape.

Printing and packaging solutions

We work with reliable and innovative partners to ensure maximum individualisation and creativity for print films, primary and secondary packaging as well as for design.
  • Years of experience
  • Individual advice
  • Decoration by offset, flexo, digital, silk screen printing, labels, sleeves
  • Reliable suppliers for primary and secondary packaging
  • Special solutions

Filling Technology

A broad range of modern filling systems forms the basis of our powerful and flexible production facilities.

Whether full service or contract filling – we are the right choice if you are looking for a reliable partner.

  • 12 flexible filling lines
  • Cans/jars
  • Tubes – plastic/aluminum
  • Bottles
  • Sachets/product samples
  • Wet wipes (single pack)
  • Cartoning machine

Production of cosmetics

In addition of formulations developed by us, it is also possible to produce customer formulations at beinio.

After registration in the integrated materials management system, production is carried out in line with strict GMP regulations. Compliance with the quality management system ensures perfect product quality. Process mixing systems from 15 – 2000 kg cover a broad range of production quantities per lot.

  • 2 kg homogeniser for test batches
  • 15 kg homogeniser for test batches
  • 600 kg homogeniser
  • 2000 kg vacuum mixer


*MOQ: from 300 kg up


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