Private Label - Industry

Individual solutions for your application

Whether for cleaning glass surfaces, stainless steel or for mobile use in cable assembly. Versatile and individual – cleaning products in practical packaging from beinio®.

small (60 x 80 mm)

Sachet material: Paper/Alu/PE (white)

Tissue format: 140 x 200 mm

Tissue material: Crepe paper


large (70 x 140 mm)

Sachet material: PET/Alu/PE (white or silver)

Tissue format: 195 x 200 mm

Tissue material: Airlaid

0,5 – 1 l PE-bottle, white, with child protection fastener

10 – 30 ml Brown glass with child protection fastener

Other variations of packaging types and bottles on request.

70% Isopropyl alcohol IPA (universally/glass),

Display cleaning (without alcohol)

Glass/plastic (alcohol and surfactants)

Minimum quantity:


  • 60 x 80 mm (100.000 pcs.)
  • 70,5 x 140 mm (40.000 pcs.)


  • 10.000 pcs.


Other variations of packaging arts and bottles on request.