Wet wipes

Our wet wipes - your print

Format: 60 x 80 mm Sachet Material: Paper/Alu/PE (white) Tissue material: Crepe paper, Airlaid Format: 70 x 140 mm Sachet Material: PET/Alu/PE (white) Tissue material: Airlaid *Printing at least 3 colours black, red, blue

Refreshing tissues: Citrus solar, mango papaya, lemon mint , men, women, unisex

Cosmetic tissues: Hygienic tissue, cleaning tissue for children, deodorant, skin care tissue with panthenol, make-up removal

Aroma tissue: good night, regeneration, cooling, christmas scent, tissue for easing tired legs

Cleaning tissues: skin cleaning, glasses and surface cleaning, TFT-cleaning, shoe cleaning, leather and stainless steel care  

Care: Stainless steel care, Leather care

Eyeglasses cleaning

Flexo printing (Pantone/Euroscale)

Sales tray, folding box, sets of two 60×80 mm /…
Sets of three 70×140 mm, pouching and much more….

Minimum quantity:
Wipes 60 x 80 mm (100,000 pcs.)
Wipes 70.5 x 140 mm (40,000 pcs.)